Designed for the larger Yanmars, these elbows sport the same durable build and surface finish that is used on the popular 1GM elbows.  The raw water inlet measures 16mm, or 5/8in across, and the combined water/exhaust outlet measures 51mm, or 2 inches.

Q: If I buy one, how long is it going to take to get to me?
A: Parts ship overseas from the US by USPS First Class Mail within 24 hours, and if I am not able to ship it I will tell you or refund your money at your request. Elbows typically reach the UK in 5-10 business days. I have sent parts to Greece and Australia that took no longer than 10 calendar days. Parts to the US ship by USPS Priority Mail, and arrive in 2-3 days.

Q: Can you expedite?
A: Yes, I will send by FexEx or UPS on request.  Additional shipping charges can apply.  Please contact me for pricing

Q: Can you discount for club or bulk purchases?
A: Yes, email me for pricing.

Q: Do you make elbows for other motors?
Yes, see the above guidelines.  Drawings and pictures are helpful. Sending the original part is best

Q: What is PayPal, and is my credit card payment secure?
A: PayPal is a spin-off of EBay, and is the best digital payment system available. Yes your payment is secure. I do not see and do not retain any credit card information through PayPal. If you would rather pay over the phone, or through other electronic means, I will work to accomodate you.

Q: I live in a country that charges import duties, what can I expect to pay?
A: In my experience, it comes down to your local carrier on what to charge for import duties.  Some of my customers report no duties, and others tell me that they pay a 20% VAT and a delivery fee. 

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Exhaust mixing elbows crafted for marine motors

Speedy delivery and excellent product - Ian J., U.K.    Envio rapidisimo, gracias - Juan Carlos, Spain    Item as described; received in a timely manner. Looks nice.Thanks! Darrell S., UK    The best part - Stavros S., Greece    Very good in all aspects - Francis S., Seattle USA    Well crafted item, I am really happy with it. Great service and price! Louis D., - Australia
From Customers:
- Elbows shiped World Wide

- Constructed of 316 Stainless

- Acid passivized high polish finish

- Less than dealer price for OEM

- Custom solutions for your motor

- Price Includes Shipping!

When your factory mixing elbow rusts away from wear and tear replace it with Stainless Steel! Designed for 1GM and 2GM raw water cooled Yanmar motors, this mixing elbow is constructed of 316 Stainless Steel for years of service.  The water inlet measures 14MM, or 9/16 across, the water/exhaust outlet measures 45mm, or 1 3/4 inches.  Please note that this part replaces all three sections of the "4-bolt" U-type high-rise mixing elbow. Neither this low-rise elbow, or the yanmar part, use the fourth bolt hole that is on the motor.
Exhaust Elbow for 1GM, 1GM10, and "3-bolt" 2GM's, Replaces 128170-13530
1GM, 1GM10's, and "3-bolt" 2GM's (Worldwide Shipping Included)

Exhaust Elbow for 3GM30F with a 5/8", or 16mm spigot, and "4-bolt" 2GM's

Do you make it?  Yes.  Custom Elbows at reasonable prices
Give me the spec's and I will give you a price and timeframe for construction.  Your part will be constructed of SMAW (Stick) welded 304 or 316SS, with 308SS or 316SS filler material
Provide detailed measurements of the mounting bracket, including:

Contact:          Ben Cotton

3GM30F and "4-bolt" 2GM's

This is a 2QM/3QM mixing elbow with a threaded stainless 1.5" nipple robustly welded to it using stainless filler rod.  The raw water inlet measures 16mm, or 5/8 in across, and the combined water/exhaust outlet measures 51mm, or 2 inches.
Exhaust Mixing Elbow for 2QM, 3QM, SB8, SB12. Replaces Yanmar 124070-13500

Customer Installation Video.  Amazing!


Contact:          Ben Cotton

Exhaust mixing elbow fits YANMAR 2YM15 3YM20 3YM30 & recent 3GM30
Replacing 128890-13530, and old stock number 128397-13530
This mixing elbow is built to fit Yanmar indirect fresh water cooled 2/3YM and later 2GM's with a 19mm, (3/4in) hose fitting.  The outer diameter of the combined water exhaust fitting is 51mm.  The elbow is constructed of TIG welded 316SS.
2YM15,3YM20 3YM30 & recent 3GM30
Shipping Domestic (USA)
Shipping International
1GM, 1GM10's, and "3-bolt" 2GM's
Shipping Domestic (USA)
Shipping International
3GM30F and "4-bolt" 2GM's
Shipping Domestic (USA)
Shipping International
2YM15,3YM20 3YM30 & recent 3GM30
Shipping Domestic (USA)
Shipping International
2QM 3QM SB8 SB12