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Exhaust mixing elbows crafted for marine motors. Made of 316 Stainless steel. Featuring an acid passivized high polish finish.

Shipped worldwide from Virginia Beach, USA. Expedited shipping options available

FAQ's Questions & Answers

Q: What is going on inside of the exhaust elbow? A: It is a pipe inside of a pipe. The raw cooling water enters the exhaust elbow and flows around the inner tube containing the engine exhaust, cooling it. The mixture is then discharged into a sea muffler where pressure burps it out through the hull. The exhaust particles are captured in the water for safe adsorption.

Q: If I buy one, how long is it going to take to get to me? A: US shipping takes about 3 days. International destinations can take up to 10 business days. I can expedite international shipping for an additional fee, and it take about 4 days to arrive.

Q: Can you expedite? A: Yes, I will send by FexEx or UPS on request. Additional shipping charges can apply. Please contact me for pricing

Q: Can you discount for club or bulk purchases? A: Yes, email me for pricing.

Q: Do you make elbows for other motors? A: Yes, see the above guidelines. Drawings and pictures are helpful. Sending the original part is best

Q: What is PayPal, and is my credit card payment secure? A: PayPal is a spin-off of EBay, and is the best digital payment system available. Yes your payment is secure. I do not see and do not retain any credit card information through PayPal. If you would rather pay over the phone, or through other electronic means, I will work to accommodate you.

Q: I live in a country that charges import duties, what can I expect to pay? A: In my experience, it comes down to your local carrier on what to charge for import duties. Some of my customers report no duties, and others tell me that they pay a 20% VAT and a delivery fee.

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